Here at Pure Panda, we make it our mission to only stock brands that we know our customers will love. Standing by our belief that no one should suffer from the production of clothing, we choose brands that respect their staff and the environment. But what makes one ethical brand unique from the other? Don’t all organic brands simply begin and end with the same design? Well that is where Villervalla ensures that their designs stand out from the crowd.

Villervalla is the brainchild of its CEO and founder Hanna Hakansson where upon opening a children’s clothing store in 1995, she quickly realised that there was a lack of well designed, unisex clothing for children that would work well for everyday wear, as well as special events. With complete determination, Hanna release her first clothing collection in 2005 with a concept for a range of mix and match clothing, so each piece looked amazing together. The launch was a huge success and 13 years later, Villervalla is now a huge brand with over 150 retailers in over 20 countries around the world.

Villervalla as a brand believes in childishness. That all children should be able to wear all of the colours of the rainbow, play together equally and enjoy the liberating magical world whilst they still have a sense of childhood wonder. With clothes that fit and suit both boys and girls, Villervalla’s unique collection promotes equality and doesn’t play into the typical gender stereotypes that boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. Super comfortable, none of the clothes are made using harmful chemicals but instead most of the range is made with organic materials that are Oeko-Tex certified. Villervalla’s main collection uses organic cotton, free from heavy metals and genetically modified organisms, teaching our children to protect the environment. The Chinese and Indian factories that create the clothing for the brand are certified to employ ethical business practices that protect the welfare and safety of their employees. Ensuring that they receive benefits such as fair wages and reasonable working hours.

We of course adore this new brand here at Pure Panda. With a range if new designs to choose from, you can experience the wonderful mix and match collection that Villervalla has to offer. Discover the range below.

Villervalla Vintage Bus Leggings Meadow

Villervalla Vintage Bus Short Sleeved T-Shirt

Villervalla Vintage Bus Tunic Azalea


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