We all want our children to be happy. We all want them to enjoy their toys. We all want – as far as possible – those toys to be educational as well as fun. Adding these things up together and finding a plaything that suits isn’t so difficult; after all, there are plenty of brands out there that promise all of this. But what about sustainability? What about green credentials? What about saving the planet? Not so many toy brands promise that as well.

Plan Toys does. Which is why here at Pure Panda we’re big fans.



How does Plan Toys manage to be environmentally friendly and produce excellent toys that kids love? Well to start with the toys are made from natural rubberwood, and there’s no latex in sight. The rubber trees themselves are special too; they’re not grown with a hint of fertiliser for three years before they’re harvested (and when they are cut down, more trees are planted to take their place). When they are used to make the toys, no chemicals are added. This doesn’t mean that toys from Plan Toys are less hardy than others – instead of chemicals to strengthen the wood, it goes through a special chemical-free kiln drying process. That kiln drying process, by the way, is powered by solar energy and low emission bio-fuels. And to make matters even better, recycled materials are used whenever possible. So that’s the base material; it’s safe, and sustainable.


Once the wood is prepared the toys are made using a special E-Zero glue rather than the traditional wood glue which is toxic. E-Zero glue has no formaldehyde in it, so you won’t have any toxic emissions coming from these lovely toys.

Then there’s the paint. The only paint that is used to create these gorgeous toys is water based, which makes it totally safe for children to enjoy. There are no dyes used, no lead based paint, and no other heavy metals either. This safety and sustainability concern even leads to the printed materials that come with the toys – only water based or soy inks are used here.

Packaging next; the bane of many an environmentally-conscious parent. You don’t need to worry when it comes from Plan Toys. The packaging for these toys has been specially designed to minimise waste, and as much of the packaging as possible is recyclable.


Plan Toys does everything in their power to make their products using environmentally friendly and ethical methods, which is one of the reasons we love these toys at Pure Panda. The fact that they are fun, beautiful, and long-lasting… well, that’s the cherry on the top.

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Post By Lauren