We’re really passionate about being able to share children’s clothing from Little Green Radicals with our customers. We stock a variety of quality and exciting brands and we love them all equally, though in this post we are going to shout out to Little Green Radicals and let you know why we’re so excited about them!

They Share Our Values in Dealing With Organic and Ethical Children’s Clothing

As you well know, at Pure Panda we are are crazy about providing our customers with beautiful children’s clothing from principled and humane sources - That is our promise to you and we will never fail to deliver.

But why is it so important to us? Well, in truth it’s because nothing in life is quite as pure and wonderful as our children. That is why we believe it is so valuable to dress them in only the finest clothing from the purest sources. Nothing and no one should ever come to any harm for the sake of creating clothing, and these are the values that we would like to instill in our children as they develop.

We take a similar approach to deciding on which brands to stock in our online store. We only want to associate ourselves with companies and brands who care for children and our environment as much as we do. That is one of the reasons why we absolutely love working with Little Green Radicals: Because they share the same values as us when it comes to making organic and ethical children’s clothing.

100% Organic Cotton

Little Green Radicals specialise in making award winning clothing using the finest organic cotton. 100% organic means that the cotton is grown without the use of any chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides.

Not only is that far better for our environment, but also the tender and sensitive nature of our childrens’ skin. The absence of chemicals also leads to fewer allergies and respiratory problems in our children, which is why we are so passionate about this particular method of production.

Always Fairtrade Certified

The Little Green Radicals brand was built on the desire to make pure and ethical clothing for children. This is why absolutely everything that they produce is always Fairtrade certified. We share the same desire which is why we are proud to stock Little Green Radical clothing.

To us, there is nothing more important than sustainability. We could never in good conscience make a profit from the hardship or misfortune of others. In this light, both ourselves and Little Green Radicals are proud advocates of Fairtrade and will only ever deal in such.

Their Children's Clothing is Bright, Beautiful and Botanical!

Just as our children require strong personal relationships in the early stages of their development, it is also very important for them to have a healthy relationship with nature. And what is it about nature that is so beautiful? The bright colours, the animals, the flowers and the trees. What better a way to inspire your children to take an interest in nature than surrounding them with it?

Little Green Radicals’ clothing is absolutely gorgeous! They have so many brightly coloured items with migrating birds, jumping frogs, origami boats and much, much more. Yet another reason we we’re so passionate about stocking their clothing.

They’re Award Winning!

Little Green Radicals produce award winning clothing and received the Junior Design Award in 2014. Their high-quality clothing is organic, durable and perfect for handing down the family.

This is why we are excited to stock their clothing. We want to work with brands that are of the finest quality. We want our customers to dress their children in clothing that was designed to last and can be shared and enjoyed for ages.


Post By Lauren