If we had to choose between a beautiful Summer day and a miserable rainy day in the winter, well, we know which one we’d prefer. However, despite not being such a big fan of rain days, there are ways to make it more bearable, particularly if you’ve got the pleasure of looking after a toddler - in fact, it can actually be lots of fun.

There are so many things that you can do with your little one, the only limitation is your imagination, though in this article we will give you a bit of help by making a couple of our favourite suggestions.

1 - Build a Duvet-Den!

What better a way to spend a rainy afternoon, than stacking blocks and solving puzzles with your toddler inside your very own cushion fortress with loads of blankets, pillows and duvets! (Don’t forget the snacks!) They’ll absolutely love getting all cosy with you and it’s a great way to encourage nap time when you want an hour or so to yourself.

2 - Host a Tea-Party

It’s an old classic, though you can’t beat a nice little tea-party on a rainy day. Your little one can invite their favourite dolls and teddy bears as well! This is a great way to inspire their imaginations and turn lunchtime into a fun activity.

3 - Splash in the Garden!

Why on earth not? Get your tod dressed up nice and warm, put some gloves, a hat, a pair of wellies and a big coat on and go have a big splash around in the garden! We wouldn’t advise going outside for too long as you wouldn’t want your little one catching a cold, but jumping in big puddles is lots of fun! Afterwards you can enjoy a nice warm bath, and then settle down on the sofa to watch some TV while wrapped up in a blanket.

4 - Get Crafty

What better an excuse to dig out all the arts n’ crafts supplies than when it’s pouring outside? You can have your toddler cut pictures out of old magazines with safety scissors and make a collage, do some colouring in, get some portrait painting on the go or even do some fun baking together!

Post By Lauren