A new year often makes people think about ways they can improve their own individual lifestyle. With another lockdown in full swing, why not get the whole family involved and make some resolutions that you can all stick to and that will benefit everyone. It’s a great way to become closer, be more active and even live more sustainably. We hope you will keep reading and that you will find some inspiration to make your own resolutions for 2021.

Step Away From The Screens

This is easier said than done, especially with the current climate where many of us are working at home and our children are homeschooling in front of screens for most of the day.  Screens offer many advantages in this modern world including education and entertainment but, too much screen time prevents us from communicating and holding conversations with each other, which could lead to much bigger problems in the future.  Set a rule where you have at least one evening or a whole day (if you can manage it) per week where all of the screens are turned off and that includes the television.  Spend time doing other things together, as a family.

Get Outside And Be More Active

It’s easier to be more active if you do it all together. Make time for regular family walks, it’s important to get fresh air and exercise for your own health and mental wellbeing. There are lots of things you can look out for or do whilst walking, for those with younger children scavenger hunts will keep them occupied. For older ones, find out about Geocaching, it’s free and will certainly help to get your steps up.

Eat Better

Eating better or healthier is a popular new New Year’s resolution and there's no reason the whole family can’t partake.  There’s no harm in a few treats along the way, but home cooked fresh meals with plenty of fruit and vegetables are something everyone can help prepare and enjoy together.

Get Organised And Have A Good Tidy Up

If you want your children to develop important life skills that they can use later in life, then teaching them how to tidy up, complete simple household chores and get organised is crucial. You could start with something as simple as organising their school work into folders, or sorting and tidying the toy boxes. This skill set will be transferable to the workplace when it comes to organising staff, applying for jobs or revising for exams.

Encourage the children to help with household chores, working as a team to get things done. You could create a chore chart or a jar to help them remember what jobs they need to do to contribute. Tidying and organising your home will transform your living environment, decluttering and creating more space which in turn offers a great sense of achievement and is generally one less thing to worry about.

Be More Sustainable

You can encourage the whole family to be more environmentally aware. It’s so important to ensure that the earth stays healthy and reducing your carbon footprint can help you do your bit.

There are so many ways to be more eco-aware. Recycling is always a good way to start, it's definitely something the children can help with and learn about as they go. You could avoid single use plastics and buy more environmentally friendly products, those with recycled or paper packaging is something to look out for.

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Your family New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be stressful.  Set goals that are achievable and that everyone will agree to stick to and enjoy plenty of family time and most importantly, have fun!  Happy New Year!

Post By Kelly Trethewey