Autumn is the season of change and still warm enough for you and your toddler to enjoy being outside in the Autumn sun and to experience the crunch of fallen leaves on the ground, gathering conkers and enjoying Halloween and Bonfire night together. It is also the perfect time for you and your toddler to get your wellies on and enjoy some lovely walks in the countryside which is great for exercise and getting out in the fresh air before the chill of winter sets in.

As well as enjoying the outdoors, there are lots of indoor crafts which are easy to do with your toddler and Autumn has a lot of natural bounty to inspire some great projects you can do together.


Apple Crumble Making

Making an apple crumble with your toddler is sure to be an exciting activity as they can help to sprinkle currents and sugar into the crumble and enjoy eating the fruits of their labours afterwards.  

As well as this, why not cut some apples in half and cut out shapes for your toddler to paint and create some lovely apple pictures to enjoy.


Conker Hunt

Take your toddler on a conker hunt!  All children love conkers and they can help collect the biggest and shiniest of conkers which can then be used as counting aids or given to an older child to play the traditional game of conkers with.


Leaves, leaves, leaves

A pile of leaves is simply heaven for small children and they can stomp, stamp and throw around a leaf stack for simply ages.  When they tire of this, why not pop some in a bag and head home to make some wild pictures with them. Along with the leaves and other twigs and cones, their imagination can really rocket and before you know it you will have wonderful pictures of hedgehogs, stick people and leaf prints to share with the rest of the family.


Mini Pumpkin Prints

Mini pumpkin prints are a great activity to do with your toddler.  Simply buy some mini pumpkins and cut them in half. Then get a large sheet of paper and put some orange and green paint (or whatever colour you like) onto a paper plate.  Easy for small fingers to hold, the half pumpkin can then be simply dipped into the orange paint and your toddler can enjoy an endless amount of stamping to create a whole host of baby pumpkins on the paper.  You’ll be surprised how good they are!


Nature’s Colour Hunt

Ideal for learning colours, simply paint some autumn colours on the inside of an egg box and go outside with your toddler and get them to find a matching colour from nature.  This could be a white feather or an orange leaf and you’ll be surprised at how much fun it is and what they can find.

Post By Kimberly Roderick