This summertime in the UK is predicted to be very nice indeed, with lots of sunshine and particularly warm weather. Whilst this is great news for adults who are enjoying sitting in the sun and soaking up some rays, it also means that parents must be more vigilant in protecting their little ones from the weather extremes. Children’s skin is extremely delicate and sensitive as it is much thinner than adults. Due to this, children are at greater risk of sunburn and rashes from overheating, which can cause permanent damage and make your child feel very ill. However, this doesn’t mean that little ones should be stopped from going outside during the summer at all. The best remedy that many parents have found is to ensure that your child is dressed in light, comfortable clothing that is gentle on their skin. Luckily we are experts in this type of clothing and have a great summer wardrobe that looks and feels great to wear. Take a look at our tips on how to dress your child this summer below.

Light Layers

Just because it is warm outside doesn’t mean that your child should be wearing next to nothing to keep cool. Having your little one have a bare torso or bare legs can place them at more risk of sun exposure and damage their delicate skin. As the great British weather is so temperamental (like our toddlers) parents have to be prepared for whatever weather is thrown at us. Dressing your little one in light layers allows you to adjust their temperature as and when needed. This is a great idea for those who are expected to be away from home until the evening.


Even though some babies and toddlers simply hate the idea of wearing a hat, they are a must when the sun is shining. The top of your baby’ s head is almost a beacon for sunlight and for babies that have little hair, the risks of heatstroke or sunburn on top of the head is even more poignant. If your child simply won’t keep a hat on, try investing in a pushchair umbrella, shade or have your little one sit under a parasol whilst you are out. Never let them sit or rest in the full sun.

Avoid Dark Colours

Darker coloured clothing such as black and deep navy absorb heat and could cause your baby to overheat easily. For the summer months, try and dress your baby in light and brightly coloured clothing. Not only do these reflect the light away from your baby, but they also make you and your baby associate with happy moments and promote a better mood.

Invest In Summer Pyjamas

Night times can be quite hot in the summer especially if you are living in a poorly insulated property. Instead of dressing your baby in their typical sleep suit, why not opt for a lighter version. This will prevent overheating and make your baby feel more comfortable especially on particularly hot evenings. Remember to dress your baby according to their needs on the evening as some babies still get cold.

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Post By Lauren