Halloween is an exciting time of year and a time where you and your toddler can have so much fun. From trick or treating to making your own scarily good sweets, Halloween is now a popular event where families come together and just enjoy each others company without the pressure that Christmas often brings. When celebrating with a toddler, it can be difficult to try and find a balance between helping to beat the boredom on a cold autumn day and not turning the event into a day that may frighten your little one. At Pure Panda, we have found some brilliant activities that will keep your little one entertained and bring you closer this Halloween. So grab your craft supplies and note pads, because here we go!

1). Make Paper Pumpkins

We all love carving a pumpkin on Halloween, but unfortunately, this task isn’t really suitable for toddlers as it is too dangerous. To help get your child involved, why not give them some coloured paper and glue and let them make their own pumpkin. Depending on your child’s age, you may find it easier to draw a pumpkin on a piece of paper and let them use paint, glitter and shapes to create a wacky design that can be proudly displayed on the shelf or stuck on the window alongside the real pumpkin.

2). Spider Web Cupcakes

A trick that your little one will adore, spider web cupcakes are so much fun to make as they are messy and sticky, yet taste delicious. To make the spider web, simply melt some marshmallows in a pan until they turn into a gooey mess. When it is cool, grab the marshmallow and stretch it between your fingers until strands are formed. You can then drape this over your cupcakes or any sweet treat and top with a jelly spider for a great effect.

3). Make A No Carve Pumpkin

As we stated before, carving a pumpkin is too dangerous for a toddler, yet painting one can be a great alternative. Allow your child to use their imagination, they can create a smiley face, a scary face, or just simply paint whatever they like. Some children like to move away from the traditional Halloween characters and paint a unicorn or their favourite character from Paw Patrol. Whatever they paint, make sure it takes pride of place alongside your carved pumpkin so that they feel involved with the Halloween preparations. Think a big pumpkin may be too much? You can purchase mini pumpkins that look just as great, but are much better suited for smaller hands.

4). Toilet Roll Mummies

This is such a great activity that really takes no time at all to clean up. Simply cut out outlines of people using card and let your little one wrap up the mummies. When they are all wrapped up, add a pair of googly eyes for a fun twist. These look great stood around the house during Halloween.

5). Make Jelly Hands

A trick that is always a hit at a Halloween party, jelly hands are made by using a rubber glove as a jelly mould and letting it set in the fridge. When the jelly has set, very carefully cut off the glove and the jelly is then in the shape of a hand. Use green or red jelly to create a great effect or you can add in some jelly worms to the mixture before it sets.

We hope that you and your toddler like these great activities. Give them a try and let us know how you got on.

Post By Lauren