It is becoming more and more important for many families to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas, with zero waste and environmentally mindful gifts. However, the Christmas season is known to be a very busy time of year especially for parents. It is easy to forget the balance between being wary of our waste and making sure we are maintaining the festive magic for our children. This blog offers ideas and tips with which parents and families can use to enjoy a zero waste Christmas, ensure their gifts are plastic free and environmentally conscientious, and reducing and disposing of waste.

Wooden toys

Pure Panda is a great place to start when looking for a range of eco-friendly toys and gifts. Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are vastly better for the environment than plastic puzzles. Wooden toys on the whole are more durable, biodegradable, never go out of style and costs less as opposed to their plastic counterparts. Check out our fun 9 piece wooden Gruffalo Double Sided Puzzle and our Lanka Kade Whale Jigsaw which are crafted from sustainably sourced wood and non-toxic plants.

For younger children, our range of baby rattles are also made from colourful, eco-friendly wood such as the Baby Key Rattle, Bird Rattle and Bell Rattle. Also choose from a wide variety of educational wooden animals and figures such as the Peacock, Flamingo and Llama and, for festive gifts, the Reindeer, Elf and Snowman. These are all constructed with ethically sourced materials.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping

There are many ways that you can ensure your gift wrapping is environmentally conscious. The easiest is to reuse old wrapping paper. Smooth out tape-free pieces by ironing under a cloth and choose colours you can use all year round for birthdays as well as Christmas as such red, gold and green.

A more particular idea for eco-friendly gift wrapping is using recycled brown paper, often available in bulk and adds a touch of chic to your gift wrapping. Match with brown paper labels and tie with string for a classic aesthetic under your Christmas tree.

Plastic free gifts

Our beautiful and diverse hand woven 100% cotton Lanka Kade Fabric Dolls are a perfect choice for a plastic free gift. Ethically sourced and suitable for babies, toddlers and older children, these dolls are made from the highest quality material which are safe for your children - something which plastic products cannot always claim to be.
For those new parents, Pure Panda offers a stunning range baby clothes that are made from organic materials, super soft and gentle on babies, such as our cute Pigeon Gingham Bloomers and Toby Tiger Sunflower Romper.

Waste disposal

Your local councils will provide some good advice about what can and cannot be recycled, what to put in which recycling bag and when your waste will be collected during the Christmas period. As a general rule, items that can be recycled and put in your green bags are Christmas cards, envelopes, glass bottles, cardboard advent calendars and aluminium trays.

Those that cannot are Christmas crackers, plastic film, foil bags and metallic gift-wrapping paper.

The easiest ways when thinking about creating a zero-waste Christmas is by checking what can be recycled, whether your gifts are sustainably sourced and how to reuse materials and products. And go from there!


Post By Caitlin Bonning