Quite often, new parents don’t give much thought when it comes to purchasing clothes for their new arrival. It can be a very exciting time and with so many cute outfits available it can be difficult to resist buying them all. Babies and small children grow very quickly and probably don’t get a reasonable amount of wear out of their clothes before they no longer fit. It’s only when you have a good sort out that you may realise the excess amount of clothing they have and how unnecessary it may have been.

As children grow, their parents may start to consider their children’s future and this often leads them to think about what they can do to be more environmentally responsible, so that their children grow up in a world that is still thriving, whilst ensuring that their children have the best life they can.

Cheap, trendy clothing or ‘fast fashion’ has a lot to answer for. It owes to being the second highest pollutant in the world, only preceded by the oil industry. This leaves many parents asking how they can provide high quality, affordable, long lasting clothes to their children without surrendering to ‘fast fashion’ trends and the potentially negative consequences that go along with them.

There is pressure to be more sustainable and here at Pure Panda it is something we are truly passionate about, but you may be thinking how on earth do I start to put this right? Well, little changes can make a big difference and if you follow our top tips you can ensure your children’s wardrobe becomes more eco-friendly.

Go Down The Minimalist Route

Fill your little one’s wardrobe only with items they really need and will definitely wear. A minimalist wardrobe means a sustainable wardrobe. An uncluttered wardrobe will allow you to maintain and plan for future purchases and when the time comes you will easily be able to see what you need to buy for the next season or age range.

Pass It On

If your little one has outgrown their clothing but there is still plenty of life left in it, it’s a really good idea to pass it on after all, many of us grew up wearing hand-me downs. If you know someone who has a younger child and may be needing the next size range, pass it on. Often playgroups will have a ‘swap shop’ table where you can leave items that your little one has outgrown, what’s more you may be able to find something that you need, left by another parent.

Say No

It’s OK to say no, thank you. Unless it is something your child needs, you don’t have to accept all offerings of clothing. If you say yes all the time you could end up with enough items to clothe all the children in your street. It also may allow those items to be passed onto someone else who may well need them more than you do.

Donate and Resell

You could donate used clothing to charity shops, clothes banks or even your child’s nursery. Preschools and nurseries are often really grateful for donated clothes as they always need spares. You could also buy second hand clothing from charity shops or buy and sell online using Facebook groups, well known auction sites and used clothing sites.

Fix It

Repairing an item of clothing is usually pretty simple and can be really satisfying especially if it is one of yours or your little one’s favourites. You could do it by hand or machine but if that takes you out of your comfort zone there are some really good tutorials online or you could take it to a haberdashery or clothing repair shop.

Shop Ethical Brands

By switching to sustainable, ethical clothing brands you will soon discover that the clothing is generally much better quality, is super comfortable and lasts much longer meaning that when you pass it on it will still be very wearable and greatly appreciated.  Here at Pure Panda, it is our passion to deliver ethically sourced clothing crafted from organic materials.  We only stock products and brands that we love, from the look and feel of the clothing to the powerful message that they carry.  We truly believe that no one and nothing should suffer from clothing production, therefore we insist that we only partner with brands that treat their employees well and look after the environment.  Some of the stunning brands that we are proud to work with include Maxomorra, Villervalla and Toby Tiger who all produce clothing using organic, ethically sourced materials.  Click the links to browse their amazing clothing lines.  Their bright colours and bold prints will soon have you hooked.

Maxomorra Beach Buddies Sleeveless Spin Dress

Toby Tiger Teal Seagull Short Sleeved Top

Villervalla Dala Horse Reef Short Sleeve Top

We all want the very best for our children; to provide them with the best lifestyle, to give them the best support and provide them with the best things in order to give them the best future. Providing a sustainable, more eco-friendly wardrobe for your child will help with all of these things and enable them to live in a brighter future. As we said before, making small changes to the way you shop really do go a long way when it comes to impacting the environment. It will also enable us to raise our children to be respectful of the world and the people in it, which we are sure you will agree, is one of the most important gifts we can give them.





Post By Kelly Trethewey