The main issue that is on consumers’ minds currently is that of global warming and the effect that our lifestyles are having on the environment. With many companies consistently distributing products that are instantly disposable, cheap and of low quality that they simply don’t last and are being quickly disposed of. Although when discussing disposable products, many are concerned about plastic and how the end product damages the environment, production such as clothing can have huge effects on the environment right through the process. So how can we ensure that the clothing we are buying has minimal impact on the environment? The answer is to look for sustainable and ethical brands that put the environment and the life of its employees first.

Here at Pure Panda we stock toys and clothes from sustainable and ethical brands, however many are confused by what this actually means.  Why is buying ethical fashion more eco-friendly? We have put together a list of 4 top things that ethical fashion brands do that mean that they are better for the environment and also supply you with a much better product.

Sustainable Fabrics


Ethical brands will use sustainable materials as these can be produced with minimal impact on the environment. The most sustainable is fabric that is recycled or made from recycled material which means the life of that material is elongated. Most clothing is made from sustainable fibres such as organic cotton.  The process of it’s production includes little pollutants and chemicals. When looking at children’s clothing, this is often the most popular as it is gentle on your child’s skin.

Reduction of Chemical and Pollutants

Ethical brands will always try and reduce the amount of chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process keeping the clothing, the environment and workers protected. This is sometimes addressed with the use of natural dyes and other alternatives so that the quality of the product isn’t compromised.

A Reduction in Waste

Waste is an unavoidable factor during production, but how that waste is disposed of and the amount that is produced is in the hands of the brand. Ethical brands will look for ways to help reduce waste, including creating products that last much longer than cheaper alternatives. Some brands will also use recycled materials to help reduce their carbon footprint.

GOTS Certified and Fair Trade


These are both certifications that guarantee that a garment has followed ethical guidelines. GOTS shows that a brand has followed organic guidelines throughout the entire process and Fair Trade means that wages and working conditions are fair.

What you can do?

In regards to the environment there is only so much that brands and manufacturers can do to help reduce emissions and waste. A large proportion of responsibility comes from the public to ensure that they are purchasing clothing that will last and that they are recycling the best they can. For example, many of our clothes are often passed down in families, recycled or given away to other families who can make the most out of the garment. Made to such a high standard our clothing is designed to last and be loved for many years so any little bit you can do makes a lot of difference.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the benefits of ethical fashion and its effects on the environment. With a little know how, we can continue to enjoy great clothing while protecting the earth.


Post By Kelly Trethewey