Summer time is nearly here and at Pure Panda HQ we have been loving all of this sunshine and warm weather. Unfortunately living in the UK, it is impossible to know long it will last so it is vital that you make the most of it. That is why we have put together some super fun summer activities for toddlers that parents and little ones alike simply adore. Not only do activities help prevent your toddler from becoming bored, but it is an excellent exercise to help parents and children bond whilst enjoying all of the benefits of being outside. Take a look at these activities below and try a few out for yourself this summer.

Pouring Station

Water play is just simply a necessity when entertaining toddlers on a summer’s day. Young children love splashing and playing about and during the early stages of a toddler’s development, they are fascinated with how liquid moves and changes shape. As a fun summer activity, set up a range of containers with different pouring spouts and let your little one fill them up and tip the water out. It sounds simple, but little ones love it. 

Natural Finger Painting

Some paint can have a range of chemicals in them which can harm children’s skin. As a natural alternative, try painting with fruits that have a a rich natural colour to them such as blackberries and blueberries. This helps children learn about colours and also makes a delicious snack when you are done with the painting. Either have your little one hold a berry, or squish them into a paint and have them use their hands.

Painting Rocks

You’ll find that your garden or the park is full of little rocks and stones that of course would look better with some colour on them. Have your little one paint a special design on a rock and place them around the garden for a pop of colour. You can also use these to label certain herbs or plants in your garden and have your toddler learn the names of each plant.

Make a Nature Board

Exploring the great outdoors is something that we all love to do with our children, but to make your walk outdoors more fun and memorable, make a nature board when you return. You can just use a sheet of A4 paper and have your toddler draw what they saw on their walk. If you have some little items that you have collected, such as leaves and twigs, stick these to the paper as well. This will help your child recount what they saw and show how they felt towards the items.

Making Easy Ice Cream

For a toddler (and for most of us) summertime means ice cream! Instead of buying it from the shops, why not make your own with your toddler? Don’t worry you don’t need an ice cream machine, just some freezer bags. Take a look at this great recipe for instant vanilla ice cream here.

Spot The Animals

Before you go outside, make a list of animals that you are likely to see and have your little one cross them off when they see them. You can make a list with images and the name of each animal next to it so that your toddler can associate words with the images. They will also enjoy the great feeling of accomplishment when they complete the list. 

Make Fruit Shapes

A fun task that makes eating healthy more fun, fruit shapes are a must this summer. Choose a selection of fruits and then use cutters to make shapes. Food to toddlers always looks more appealing when it is presented in a fun design.

Make Giant Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Making bubbles is so much fun and making giant bubbles only pushes this to new heights. Take a look at this great list of tricks to making the perfect giant bubbles here.

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of summer toddler activities to beat the boredom. Let us know if you have any more that you would like to share on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Post By Lauren