One of the most daunting things as a parent, is travelling with your toddler. Whether it’s several hours in the car on a hot day or a long-haul flight overseas, there’s a million and one things running through your mind: ‘What if I can’t get them to settle?’, ‘What if they scream on the plane?’, and ‘What if I forget something important?’ - and breathe...

Provided you take your time and plan each trip properly, you shouldn’t run into any major issues along the way. In this post we are going to share a few different tips & ideas on how you can make the whole experience that little bit more bearable for your little one (and more importantly, for you)

1 - Relax

The first thing is to try and relax and take a step back. Again, if you plan thoroughly then you shouldn’t run into any major issues. First, where are you going? If you’re driving cross-country or flying abroad, make a list of everything that you’re going to need - start by breaking the journey down into stages, for example:

Car Journey to Airport - Snacks and plenty of water! Also, use this time to keep them active. Stock a travel pillow for the plane by all means, but for now you’ll want to do all that you can to keep them awake.

Terminal - If you’ve got enough time, try to sit down and have a nice lunch to get them feeling sleepy for the flight. Often with all the excitement it will be tough to get them to settle, but with the right approach you might just be able to pull it off.

Flight - The dreaded flight! Listen, ultimately, there’s only so much that you can do, particularly with a younger toddler. Sometimes they’ll sleep straight through like an angel, other times they’ll scream the place down like a demon - But do you know what? It’s just one of those things, so try not to let it bother you too much. Just bring plenty of supplies, an ipad (to keep them entertained if they’re not ready to settle) and a nice blanket and travel pillow for snuggling up.

What some parents like to do is put together little ‘sorry in advance’ bags for the other passengers surrounding you, including things like earplugs, travel sweets and a note from your toddler apologising if they get scared and upset.

Baggage Claim - You’re almost at the finish line! Just check out and collect your luggage as quickly as you can.

Airport Transfer  - Whether it’s by taxi or bus, hopefully your little one will be more at ease now that they’re off the plane. Be prepared for the heat if you’re going somewhere the weather is considerably warmer - a little fan / water spray combo is quite a fun way to keep them cool and entertained for 5 minutes!

AAAAAND Relax - You have arrived at your destination!

2 - Pack More Than Enough

‘It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it’ - Words to live by when travelling with a little one. Pack them a little backpack to carry around with them with some essential bits, and then of course stock up on plenty of supplies in yours - nappies, wet wipes, snacks and all of the water!

3 - Dress Them Appropriately

Particularly during the Summer months, it’s important to dress them in light, comfortable clothing - though of course, don’t forget to pack a jumper and a blanket for the plane as it can get rather nippy with the air conditioning!

4 - Enjoy Yourself

It’s much easier said than done but the important thing is to try and enjoy yourself. No it’s not going to be easy, yes there will be hiccups along the way, but if there’s one thing you deserve being a parent, it’s a holiday! Don’t let the daunting prospect of travelling with a toddler put you off - they’re much more resilient than you give them credit for.


Post By Lauren