Whether you are a regular Pure Panda shopper or a one time visitor you have probably noticed that the abbreviation GOTS is used on nearly all of our children’s clothes and accessories. However, even those who are conscious of shopping ethically and check clothing details to ensure that the materials used aren’t harming our children or the environment, still aren’t quite sure what GOTS actually means. Well at Pure Panda we thought it was long over due that we answered this niggling question from customers and also explained why GOTS is so important.

Put simply GOTS stands for The Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is a green standard to which organic cotton textiles are produced. It has been developed with the aim of defining key requirements that are recognised across the world and ensure that organic status of textiles is environmentally friendly and socially responsible from the cultivation right through to manufacturing. Therefore GOTS is a quality assurance practice that allows consumers to know what they are buying is held to a truly organic standard and is recognised through all major markets.

To be able to state that a textile is GOTS certified it must abide by a list of key criteria within fibre production, processing and manufacturing, environmental, technical quality and human toxicity and social responsibility. For the full list if criteria click here.

If a clothing brand wishes its textiles to be GOTS certified, then they will have to undergo inspection by independent specially accredited bodies. This includes an on-site inspection and certification of processors, manufacturers and traders. Bodies also investigate wherever there is evidence of misleading information about GOTS.

Why is GOTS important?

GOTS provides quality assurance for consumers and ensuring that there is no misconduct with brands claiming that their textiles are organic when they aren't. GOTS also helps customers shop better and smarter, meaning that many companies have to follow suit and apply strict regulations if they wish to sell their organic materials successfully. This can only mean that companies and brands help work towards a better and much more sustainable future, where clothing is kind to the skin, its workers and the environment.

Our GOTS certified products

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