GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and it is not easy to gain this certification.  The GOTS is the world's leading processing standard for textiles. It assures that the organically produced, raw materials (usually cotton) are ethically and sustainably sourced and produced from seed, to sew and beyond.  Strict compliance with both environmental and social criteria must be adhered to along the entire textile supply chain. GOTS is quickly becoming recognised in all markets globally and numbers of registered GOTS facilities are increasing immensely all over the world.

What are organic raw materials?

Organic raw materials include cotton, silk, flax and wool.  Organic is a system of production which meets national standards for environmental protection and animal welfare.  Materials used in GOTS certified products must be of certified organic origin.  

Only textiles made from at least 70% (label grade ‘made with organic’) or 95% (label grade - ‘organic’) certified organic raw materials can become GOTS certified.

What is their aim?

The standard’s aim is to identify worldwide recognised criteria which verifies the organic status of textiles; from harvesting to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and labelling, so that consumers receive reliable guaranteed organic products.

This also allows textile manufacturers to export their organic fabrics and clothing with just one recognised certification that will be accepted in an abundance of markets.

What’s the main issue with regular textile production?

The processing of textiles often leads to the discharge of toxic chemicals into the air and water and can create hazardous working environments.  These chemicals are often not adequately treated. Everyone shares the same water and air and those who are working to produce these items deserve respect.  GOTS prevents the use of commonly used chemicals in textile production that can cause cancer, birth defects and other serious illnesses. These chemicals can also disrupt hormones which in turn can also destroy eco-systems and many species internationally.  GOTS requires that any dyes and reinforcements used are assessed to meet the strict criteria they set out and are approved before their use.

Why is certification a good idea?

Using organic materials is a really important step in the right direction, however it is not enough on its own.  Using organically produced materials means farm workers and the environment are protected. Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals means factory workers and the environment are protected.  Eradicating dangerous residues from the final product means that consumers are protected.

Is GOTS an official standard?

GOTS is not a regulated governmental body, it is a voluntary standard and is managed by a nonprofit organisation.  It is supported, however, by the US government which requires all products claiming to be organic be certified to the organic food standard or GOTS.

Brands at Pure Panda

At Pure Panda, we take pride in being able to bring you ethically sourced, organic children’s clothing.  We only work with brands that treat the environment and their staff with the respect that they deserve.  


An award winning brand that was founded back in the 1990s.  They create colourful clothing for children from newborn to 12 years of age that can be mixed and matched across their collection.  Many of their products are organic and they strive to produce garments that are free from harmful chemicals.  


Founded in 2008, a husband and wife duo made the decision to make sustainable and affordable children’s clothing using only organic cotton knowing that this was both ecological and socially responsible.  Maxomorra are a GOTS certified brand and their designs show a true love for nature.

Toby Tiger

For over 18 years, parents have loved the bright and colourful designs from Toby Tiger.  80% of their range is produced from GOTS certified cotton, which is not only sustainable but is gentle on young delicate skin.  It is their mission to make their whole collection GOTS certified.


Duns began producing high quality, colourful, unisex clothing in 2007.  Their garments are made from 100% GOTS certified cotton which supports their focus on sustainable, healthy and fair production.  

pure panda

We at Pure Panda hope that you have found this information both useful and thought provoking.  It should also bring an insight into how passionate we are about providing only organic, ethically sourced and sustainably produced products.


Post By Kelly Trethewey