Lanka Kade was established in 1994 after two people met whilst working for the Red Cross in Sri Lanka. Once they returned back to the UK they became business partners after sharing a mutual passion for the country and the people they had met and joined forces to develop a small import business to retain their links with Sri Lanka. They named the business Lanka Kade which simply translates to ‘The Sri Lankan Shop’.

Since then, Lanka Kade has flourished into a successful UK based company specialising in the design, craft and supply of fair trade wooden toys and gifts for children. Their beautiful range features distinctive, educational toys which incorporate both bright bold colours and natural wood finishes.

Previously from a teaching background, one of the partners was able to bring knowledge and experience of educational elements that were to become a part of every Lanka Kade product. Working hard to reach high standards and quality, handcrafted toys, each one is designed to encourage learning through play, which in turn helps to expand children’s development of language as well as picture, shape and colour recognition skills.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a trading partnership between developed and developing countries where fair prices are paid to the producers which can make a significantly positive impact on the world. Lanka Kade’s ethos has always been to ‘build long term, sustainable trading partnerships that provide stability and protect local skills’.

With regular visits to Sri Lanka, Lanka Kade have direct trading relationships with their producers to ensure all fair trade working practises are met and maintained. They offer great dedication to their suppliers which encourages their growth and progress and provides their employees with a sense of employment value and job satisfaction. Every member of staff receives a good rate of pay, equal opportunities and a safe working environment which adheres to the principles of Fair Trade. Lanka Kade are also proud and active members of the BAFTS (The British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers), who are dedicated to the promotion of fair trade retail within the UK.

Lanka Kade and The 10 Principles of Fair Trade

1) Creating opportunities - Lanka Kade supports small producers in order to encourage them to transition from income poverty to self-sufficiency and ownership. Their aim is to reduce poverty through trade.

2) Transparency & accountability - They are transparent and accountable in management, encouraging open and regular communication involving producers and their employees in all decision making processes.

3) Fair trade practices - They do not maximise profits at the expense of their producers and will maintain long term trading relationships with prompt payment, interest free loans and design products for their skills.

4) Fair payment -  Encourage open dialogue and transparent price settings to facilitate mutual agreement of a fair and equal price with producers throughout the supply chain.

5) No child or forced labour - Lanka Kade ensure that there is no child labour or forced labour in any of their producer groups.  Frequent visits and regular audits are completed to ensure all suppliers comply.

6) No discrimination -  They have a zero tolerance to discrimination.  They actively work to promote the principle of equal pay for equal work regardless of race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation and age. 

7) Good working conditions -  They work with their producers to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and offer regular first aid and health and safety training to facilitate improvement. 

8) Capacity building - Regular meetings and training sessions are hosted to develop the skills of producer groups, including leadership training, employment practice, maintaining accounts and toy safety. 

9) Promoting fair trade - As a BAFTS member, Lanka Kade actively and honestly promote their fair trade story on all packaging and online and contribute to the local community in the UK to promote fair trade. 

10) Respect for the environment - To minimise the environmental impact, their products are produced using raw materials from sustainable resources where possible.

What’s new from Lanka Kade?

We love everything about the Lanka Kade range of toys and with many new products available now, it wouldn’t be fair to keep them to ourselves. Bright colours and chunky designs make them perfect for little hands, bringing hours of imaginative play. Here are just a few that we were keen to share with you:






With a shared ethos here at Pure Panda, we believe that local skills should be protected with long term sustainable trading partnerships whilst using ethically sourced materials. We love the style and craftsmanship of the responsibly made wooden toys from Lanka Kade, with their like-minded passion for delivering quality educational toys that will not only inspire children but also be enjoyable and bring hours of fun too.


Post By Kelly Trethewey