Buying organic cotton clothing has grown in popularity over the years, with more research and case studies being unearthed on how standard cotton clothing is produced. Besides helping the environment, buying organic cotton clothing can improve and have an impact on both your life and those around you.

Whether you consciously consider your clothing purchases already or are unaware of the benefits of buying organic cotton clothing, here are 4 benefits of buying organic cotton clothing. It might just change your shopping habits for good…

1.Better Working Conditions

Fast fashion means that we have new clothing readily available at our disposal, ready to be worn a few times and then chucked away or resold. For the fashion conscious, little thought is spent over the implications of buying non organic clothing - how many of us actually stop and think about who has made it, and the working conditions they have endured for us to get our £5 dress for one night out?

Buying organic cotton is more than just to help the environment, it starts with the farmers and the workers who produce the clothing. In many countries, cotton is still hand picked, and anyone working in those environments is instantly exposed to an extreme amount of toxic chemicals on a daily basis. The health risks of pesticide exposure include weaker immune systems and birth defects.

Organic cotton farming is a completely different ball game. It goes through a chemical free production process and prevents water contamination so the health of workers are not compromised in any way. It’s the easiest way to help those workers who don’t know any different, buying organic clothing helps us to become responsible citizens.

2.Environmentally Friendly

Leading on from the above, this obviously makes organic clothing an environmentally friendly choice. Organic cotton farming results in a more sustainable environment that doesn’t harbour nasty fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

So as well as helping the people who make our clothing, it helps the environment in turn too.

3.Avoid Allergies & Skin Concerns

Organic clothing is produced minus the chemicals and pesticides, this means that there are no chemical retentions. If you suffer from allergies or are prone to sensitive skin, wearing organic cotton clothing is an excellent choice.

Whether you suffer from skin concerns or not, organic clothing just feels better. It’s softer and more gentle on your skin. Cotton clothing enthusiasts even claim that it smells better than traditional cotton clothing. It’s a win, win all round!

4. Better For Baby’s Skin

So, there’s no surprise that because it’s better for the environment, skin concerns and is made in a sustainable way that it’s better for baby’s skin too.

Whilst there are no major studies that support the fact that organic clothing is better for baby’s skin, there are some definite benefits.

Organic cotton is softer, and more gentle on baby’s skin, purchasing it for the durability is a great choice. It’s longer lasting than traditional cotton clothing, and when you think of how many outfit changes can happen a day, it’s definitely worth investing in better quality clothing that is good for the environment too.

In making more responsible choices with the clothing that you purchase, you can help to make a positive contribution to the environment.

At Pure Panda you can be assured that all of our children’s clothing is ethically sourced and crafted from organic material. Perfect for helping the environment and keeping your little one happy!

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