It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a break abroad, going to the beach in Britain or you’re simply heading to the shops on a sunny day, you must do everything that you can to protect your baby from the Sun.

It’s easy to forget sometimes, given that for the large part of the year we only have to contend with keeping them out of the rain or wrapped up from the cold. But, during the Summer months when we’re trying to get as much sunshine as we can, remember that our children are far more sensitive to the sunlight than we are.

Vitamin D is Important

Particularly if your baby is older than 6 months, a certain amount of exposure to the Sun is good for them. You must however try to keep them out of direct sunlight between 11am and 3pm when the Sun is at its strongest. Though, you can allow them to wander around in the sunshine for a little while, provided that you adhere to the following important steps:

1 - Apply Plenty of Sun Lotion

Getting a Suntan is important to many of us Brits, though its safe to say that our babies and toddlers aren’t all that fussed about having a golden-brown complexion just yet. So, what you do with your skin is up to you, but you must slather Sun lotion on your baby without fail. To be extra safe you should be using factor 50 and be certain to apply it generously on the more sensitive areas such as their ears and nose.

2 - UV-Protective Clothing

Your children should be geared from head-to-toe in loose and comfortable UV protective clothing, particularly if you don’t want them to burn. This Maxomorra Deep Sea Sun Hat for example, is ideal for keeping the UV rays from burning your little one’s scalp, and can be conveniently tied under the chin to prevent it from falling off.

3 - Keep Them Thoroughly Hydrated

It can be easy to forget, though it is absolutely vital, particularly when everyone is having a good time - keep your baby or toddler thoroughly hydrated! If you’re breastfeeding, so long as you’re properly hydrated, your breast milk will invariably become more watery. If you’re feeding from the bottle, then you should offer plenty of water in between feeds. Dehydration can be terribly detrimental to your little one’s safety, especially if left unchecked.

4 - Embrace the Shade

You should keep your baby in the shade more often than not during the Summer months. Their skin is much, much thinner than ours, with very little melanin to protect against the UV rays. If you want to Sunbathe as much as you can, then it will definitely be worth investing in a UV-protection tent. This will provide sufficient shade for your baby, and will be cool enough for them to enjoy a nap while you’re soaking up the Sun.

5 - Keeping Cool

Getting a comfortable nights’ sleep during the Summer months can be incredibly difficult for our little ones, though there are things that you can do to make it easier. First of all, be sure to keep their bedroom as cool as possible during the day. This means keeping the blinds closed and the windows open to try and circulate as much air as possible. In addition to that, when it comes to bedtime, you should give them a cool bath before-hand to lower their temperature. Finally, when it comes to putting them to bed, try to keep clothing and bedding light, or to a minimum. Take these Maxomorra Butterfly Pyjamas for example, ideal for the warmer Summer nights.


There’s nothing stopping you from being able to enjoy your Summer, provided that you pay close attention to your children and follow these steps properly; Plenty of Sun lotion, protective clothing, embrace the shade and keep them properly hydrated. There’s nothing worse than watching your little one suffer through Sunburn - Don’t take any chances!



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