Many parents are desperate to understand how to develop a relaxing bedtime routine for their toddler, striving for calmer evenings and some peace and quiet after a busy day.

Being consistent with your bedtime routine will ensure that your child benefits an adequate night’s sleep. Up to the age of four or five it is recommended that bedtime occurs between 7pm and 7.30pm.

Calm time before bedtime can be achieved with gentle activities such as reading or quiet play rather than excitable games. Often parents commence their routine with a relaxing bath and this can be a great time for sharing your day and having a close time with your child.

Reminding your child of what’s coming next in the routine in a calm tone is also advisable and try to avoid checking your watch or hurrying anything along.

In bed, sending your child to sleep with an age appropriate story and telling your child about something they did that was pleasing to you is often enough to reassure a child and send them to sleep on a positive note.

Use low lights if your child is afraid of the dark such as a night light or leave a light on in the hall. A comfort toy also provides reassurance, as are snuggly pyjamas for warmth during the colder winter months and ensuring your child is not too hot in bed during the summer months.

A simple and consistent bedtime routine is a sure winner for getting your sleepy toddler to bed. The secret is to stay with it and not make it too long winded, nor something that you are not able or prepared to do each night. Setting the rules and ensuring you and your child stick to them is the key to calmer nights and happier parents in the evening.

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